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Chinese KOL aka Key Opinion Leaders

The digital age has led to a shift in marketing, and we now have new ways of advertising to target China’s tech-savvy population. One example is Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). These influencers will be particularly useful for you if you want to enter develop your e-reputation and brand awareness, thanks to KOLs engaging with your potential customers. With their huge popularity on social media, it will also have a positive impact on your e-commerce sales. In China, this method will work particularly well because people are more likely to trust someone they admire rather than an advertisement.

The Importance of Live Streaming in China

Companies that want to sell their goods should use live streaming. Live streams make it easy for KOLs and brands to show off what they’re selling, increasing their loyalty toward the brand. Thanks to that, the buyer experience will be much more entertaining and engaging than just selling products through online stores. Therefore, live broadcasts instantly allow people to see a product being demonstrated by someone they know personally rather than just reading about it on some company’s website or watching simple demonstration videos.

What are the Most Popular Social Media in China

The most popular platforms for KOL’s marketing strategy have long been Weibo and WeChat. However, new players have entered the market and seduced Chinese consumers, such as Douyin, Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), Kuaishou, and Bilibili. Other platforms such as Toutiao or Zhihu are also to take into consideration when entering the Chinese market.

Chinese Key Opinion Leaders & Key Opinion Consumers

KOL marketing has been a powerful marketing tool in China for quite a few years already, but recently a shift from KOL to KOC marketing has been noticed and has become an essential tool for new players in China in recent years. Following the Covid-19 outbreak that has completely shaped the online market in China; KOC now seems to be more reliable according to Chinese consumers, who believe that they are much more neutral when talking about a brand.


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How to find a Chinese KOL for my brand?

If you are just entering the Chinese market, or are planning to do so, then it is recommended to talk about your project with specialists. In fact, as the Chinese market is promising and full of opportunities for foreign brands, some KOLs have taken advantage of it, and some are scamming brands or are simply interested in money. In order to avoid the pitfalls of this trend, you should carefully look for information on the internet about some KOLs (look at their account, number of followers, brands they have already worked with, what kind of campaigns they can do for you, watch one of their live-streaming session, look at the audience reaction, comments, etc.).

How do I choose a Chinese KOL adapted to my brand ?

You need to find a KOL sharing the same values as your brand. In fact, the more the KOL will be interested in your products, the better he/she will be able to convey your brand’s concept in order to convince Chinese consumers to purchase your products. You also need to pay attention to its community. You should ask yourself if it is the kind of consumers that you want to target (in terms of age, revenues, living conditions, gender, etc.) However be careful, because sometimes an influencer having a wide audience and a huge number of followers will not necessarily bring you as much added value as a smaller KOL specialized in your field of activity.

How can brands take advantage of KOL Marketing in China?

KOLs increase brand awareness (They can create new topics about your brand or certain products to set the tone for additional engagement). KOLs spread content (They can add to the discussion by providing their reviews and opinions). KOLs engage with potential consumers (they can invite their followers to provide their own opinions and reviews. This will potentially improve engagement and can convert passive followers into active consumers).

Are Chinese KOLs worth the investment?

As you might already know, working with influencers is not free. It is the same for KOLs as you will have to pay most of the time or send them free products, depending on the situation and the number of followers they have. You have to take into consideration that they will not increase your sales in just a week but over time. Building your reputation in China takes time, energy, and money. That’s why working with a specialized agency helps you get rid of any problem when choosing the right KOL, the right strategy, and investing the right amount of money.

How can Chinese KOLs promote my brand?

KOLs are in general ultra-connected and know how to engage with their community. Depending on your budget, they will be able to present your products during live streaming sessions, post pictures and videos about your products, promotional campaigns, posts on social media, reviews, articles, topics on social platforms such as Zhihu, etc. One other way to help people discover your brand is to let the KOL organize a giveaway or contests, so that some lucky people will be able to win products. You can also partner with them for sponsored posts that will appear on people’s feeds.

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