Solid Case Studies Through Effective Little Red book Advertising

In China, a new form of advertising has taken hold that is based on a little red book (Also known as Xiaohongshu/小红书). The book, called the “Little Red Book of Advertising,” is a collection of sayings and proverbs that are used to sell products. The book is said to be very effective, and it has been used to sell everything from cars to cigarettes.

Why do we use Little Red Book Marketing (Xiao Hong Shu Marketing) ?

In addition to the use of proverbs and sayings, a common form of advertising in China is to use celebrities as spokespeople. In advertisements or commercials, the celebrity will make a statement about their product or service. The celebrity’s name and face are then displayed on the screen.

It is a new trend l and a very effective way to promote the brand. Not only Chinese consumers in China are used to Little Red Book / Xiaohongshu Marketing, the overseas Chinese are also a major group of Xiao Hong Shu users . Xiaohongshu marketing is also the trend in Singapore, Malaysia and other overseas countries. The audience will remember the brand more easily and thus increase sales.

Businesses Are Using Little Red Book Advertising In Singapore, Here’s Why?

Little Red Book is a very effective way to market a brand.  People are familiar with Little Red Book, so they will be more likely to remember the product or service advertised.  Little Red Book Advertising in Singapore is similar to that used in China. It is a very effective way to market a brand. People are familiar with Little Red Book, so they will be more likely to remember the product or service advertised. The brand name is associated with the color red, which has a positive meaning in Chinese culture.

Case studies of successful Little Red Book campaigns

Needless to say, the Little Red Book campaign was very effective. It has been widely accepted by Chinese consumers not only because of its innovative method but also because of its practicality and usefulness of the book. Three case studies are found here.

Case study 1: Little Red Book for China Mobile, a mobile phone service provider in China. 

The Little Red Book for China Mobile was introduced in Shanghai.  This book is about the company’s customer service and the services it provides to its customers. The book includes not only the company’s latest news and contact information but also provides a list of complaints and their resolutions. It also contains a complaint form so that customers can easily send their feedback to the company if they are unsatisfied with any of the services.

Case study 2: Little Red Book for Haier, a top Chinese white-goods manufacturer. 

It was introduced in Beijing, China.  The Little Red Book for Haier is the first of its kind in China. It contains information about the company’s brand, products, and services as well as contacts for the company’s customer service hotline and its local offices. A Little Red Book is an example of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. It is believed that the CSR initiatives by companies have mainly resulted in increased customer loyalty. This type of information, which makes customers feel valued and appreciated, influences their perception and attitude towards the brand.

Case study 3: Little Red Book for Pepsi and McDonald’s.

Zhang Yiyi, a Chinese student studying in the UK, was invited by Pepsi to design Little Red Book for Pepsi for her final year project. The Little Red Book for Pepsi is different from the one designed by Haier, which is a guidebook. Zhang Yiyi’s Little Red Book for Pepsi is a book about the Pepsi brand and its products. It was designed as a gift for customers to express appreciation towards them. Zhang Yiyi’s Little Red Book for Pepsi is successful in that they have made a difference in the perception of the brand, as well as benefitting from the overall brand image.

The Future of Little Red Book

The future is uncertain ever since Covid-19 hit us for years, but there is no doubt that the little red book social platform has left a huge impact on the advertising and communication industry. The Little Red Book has been used as an inspiration for many marketers and businesses around the world. If you are keen to learn more about the marketing strategies and what works for your business to tap into the little red book in Singapore, please contact us and schedule an appointment, we’re here to help you!

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